Typical Questions:
1. What ordinances do you have in Heath Township?

A. All access roads, drives or lanes (including gas well roads) that enter a Township road must have a drain pipe. The size must be determined by the Twp Road Master but a minimum of 12 inches in diameter.


2. Noise Ordinance for excessive noise such as "excessive" target practice (we would hope a shooting range is a good choice) and after 10pm and before 7am such as bands, fireworks, etc.


3. Sub Division Ordinance: Very detailed but basic rule is if you have more than 2 acres you can not sell off less than 2 acre parcels, example: you can still sell of your camp with less than 2 acres but not sub-divide it. You can not lease less than 2 acres. This is to prevent small close together lots that can not get sewage permits.


4. Trucks may not use a "Jake Brake" on Rt. 949 from just past The Farmers Inn to Clear Creek State Park.

5. In 2006 Heath Twp had EADS Engineering from Clarion Pa do a study of our roads so that we could legally require over weight vehicles to bond the road prior to use so that all road damage is paid by the user not our tax payers. The weight limit on all Heath Twp roads is 10 Tons


5. All camps and residential dwellings must have a sewage permit before a building permit can be issued. Out houses and Port-A-Johns are not permitted. County Sewage Officer 814-849-2172


6. Storm Water Management: The Conservation District must approve the permit for the way storm water is handled. French drains around buildings and sheds, hold back divots, driveway slope etc.


7. Storm Water Management: Commercial and Industrial Businesses when expanding or new must have a Certified Engineer submit drawings to the Conservation District, DEP and the Township for their storm water plan approval..


QUESTION: Do we need a building permit to do any remodeling to a dwelling inside or out?

ANSWER: NO, as long as you do not add on to the square footage of the dwelling. You may have to get the work inspected if a business or residential for electric work, etc. Please call the Jefferson County COG prior to work to be sure. 814-849-2172


QUESTION: Does Heath Township have city water or Sewage?



QUESTION: Does Heath Township have a police department?

ANSWER: NO. The PA State Police is our police protection. Call 911


QUESTION: What roads are maintained by the Township?

ANSWER: The Township roads are Olean, Pine Run, Spring Creek, Fire Tower, Metts, Shaffer, Log Cabin and Hiddinger. All other roads, drives and lanes are private with no Twp services. Rt. 949 is a state road.


QUESTION: Why do private roads have names?

ANSWER: The Twp Supervisors over the years have named all roads, drives and lanes that have more than one dwelling for the 911 system. This makes it faster for emergency personnel and law enforcement to find a location when needed. Please do not change or remove a sign as some ones life may depend on it. These sign names are registered with the state system.


QUESTION: That is Act 90?

ANSWER: Act 90 is a new Pa law that gives the municipalities to right and recourse to have dilapidated structures such as camps, houses, trailers and even RV's that are uninhabitable, have not been used, have no utilities connected removed from the Township. The supervisors have slowly been addressing this issue with owners of such properties before using Act 90 to save the landowner all the costs that are involved. We want our Township to be clean of such eyesores and depressed properties.


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